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An awkward play on words, ladies and gentlemen. I do like how I had characterized Brynne enough to know her vocal fillers. And I suppose the Featureless White Void is as good a place as any to discuss relationships with your roommate.


Everyone who’s lived with roommates knows what an extra pair of shoes outside the door means. In some cultures, it’s a sock on the doorknob, but that’s a bit of a stretch for a simple message.


I think this would have been after the break between winter and spring semesters, sometime in February. The Thorn was published on Friday mornings, so Brynn would have missed at least four days of classes.


Some tests were just rough for everyone involved. There was also this weird phenomenon where tests would have typos noted on the board. Sometimes these were major issues!


There’s a club fair at the beginning of each school year, of course, to recruit members for various campus organizations. Junior year, the SGA had a great idea: do a winter club fair too, to recruit people who discovered they had extra time or were looking to check out new groups. Unfortunately, they did a better job of informing the clubs than informing the students at large. As a result, despite free candy, no one really came. It was a sad room full of dejected people sitting around foamboard displays, like a science fair where the judges decided not to show.

Continuity error in panel 3.


I think the winter snowball fight comics are my favorites.

Brynne doesn’t snowball-fight, I think. And Cassie’s never been good at telling when people would rather not have frozen water thrown at their face. Cthulhu can tell, of course; he just doesn’t care.


Personal projects were common at Rose; I had a roommate that would build complex Lego robots that performed tasks that strained the bonding forces of the bricks themselves. Another roommate built his own server rack and coded up a service that provided a browser homepage full of quick links. I played around with game development and coded some interactive fiction. I’m a bit distrustful of a computer scientist or engineer who’s never worked on a side project.


I make an all-too-easy mistake in this comic. It doesn’t make any sense that Brynne is surprised by Cassie’s spider legs. Just because the reader can’t see them doesn’t mean Brynne can’t, and it’s hard to believe that she’d miss it. I should have put Cassie in the bathroom or behind a closed door or something.