Campus beautification was the event where clubs and other campus groups were encouraged to help out with planting flowers, trimming bushes, and other activities.

I’m not sure the joke in this comic comes across. Cthulhu’s idea of “beauty” is to install something the human mind cannot comprehend.

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4 thoughts on “TASOAE: 048

  1. Yes, the punchline (if there’s any) isn’t clear.
    I mean, I got it, but a few seconds late.
    Maybe if someone’s eyes start bleedind and you can hear (read) him screaming “¡my eyes!”… I don’t know.
    It’s a good joke, but it takes too much time to get it right for the reader.

    1. This version of Cthulhu demonstrates a strange weakness for kittens, and other cute creatures he considers helpless and vastly inferior. Besides, he started dating her specifically to call out the CS Guy’s bullshit. As we see by the end of the comic, though, he holds no particular strong allegiance to her.

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