• ANGEL: A sort of online portfolio and statistics-gathering app. Few students could see the point of this program; all we knew was that suddenly all our digital dropboxes, syllabi, calendars, and so on were now on ANGEL instead of on some random website or a network share. Of course, ANGEL was easier to use for less web-savvy professors, and it had other benefits. One thing I only learned about years later, as a senior working on a plugin for ANGEL, was that the app was used in part to gather data and evidence for the school’s accreditation process.
  • Student Transcript Privacy: I really don’t remember this issue well. I think that perhaps our transcript rules were changed so that faculty could get student transcripts, and students were angry; but it might have been that parents could get them, and faculty was angry, or any number of other combinations.
  • The 2015 Forums: Ostensibly a place to discuss Rose’s plans moving forward into the future (at the time, 2015 was a decade away), the 2015 Forums had a strong undercurrent of bickering, in part because President Midgley, who by this point had every organization on campus issuing “no confidence” votes against him, had set it up in the first place.
  • The Stoplight: The main entrance to campus used to be an unprotected turn onto an unlit two-lane highway. There was at least one student fatality at that intersection. In 2005, we finally got a stoplight installed. Of course, some students ran said stoplight, but it was still a good idea.
  • The Rally: I mentioned Midgley’s problems below a previous comic, and by this point all was over but the crying. Midgley gained a reputation for being too-commercial, for coming in and changing everything about the school arbitrarily, for being disrespectful of the faculty and staff, for skipping meetings, and for out-and-out lying. I know for a fact that some of this was exaggeration. A pamphlet circulated with a list of offenses, one of which referred to a “radio show” Midgley had wronged. The problem was, that was the radio show done by my friends and me, and the facts in question were only vaguely accurate.

    The whole Midgley situation reached a cusp with the rally. Students were invited by anonymous faculty/staff members to a rally stating our concern about Midgley. Unfortunately, at the time, students knew very little except rumors. The faculty had been appropriately discreet about their concerns, to the point that there was no solid information beyond the general feeling that Midgley’s changes were bad. Still, Rose did have budget issues, and the previous president had reigned for decades, so some change was appropriate. My friends and I went to the rally with signs that had question marks and interrobangs on them, to express our displeasure at being asked to support claims that we had no information about. At the rally, a professor that I greatly trust gave me more details, and part of my need for actual information was satisfied. Still, it was a mess.

    Midgley was out the following year, replaced by an interim president.

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  1. t might have been that parents could get [transcripts], and faculty was angry

    Probably not; that’s way illegal under FERPA. Your first guess seems the most plausible (and isn’t illegal under FERPA).

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