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Ludus Novus is a podcast and accompanying blog about the evolving art of interaction. It covers interactive fiction, digital games, and roleplaying. It is intended to discuss and explore how we can take these things beyond just entertainment. It is created and operated by Gregory Avery-Weir, who can be reached at

Unless otherwise stated, Ludus Novus is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License. That means you can do whatever you like with the text and audio on this webpage, as long as you say who made it originally and aren’t making money off of it. If you modify it from its original form, though, that new work has to be distributed under the same license. “Saying who made it,” in this case, is clearly mentioning that the content comes from Ludus Novus, was made by Gregory Avery-Weir, and can be found at If you would like to use any of it without attribution or for commercial purposes, please contact me at to see if we can work something out.

The following guidelines govern the podcast:

  • The target length of any one podcast will be twenty minutes. I think that’s long enough to say something, and not too long that a listener will get bored or not have enough time to finish in one sitting.
  • There will be one “segment” per podcast. I won’t bundle an interview and another discussion into one file. If I want to do them both, they’ll be two different podcasts. I might cover short news items in an introduction, but there will only be one big piece of content per podcast.
  • I will edit my podcasts for errors.
  • I will not beg for votes on podcast ranking sites.
  • When I discuss digital games, I’ll do my best not to automatically classify them by genre. There’s too much of a tendency out there to want to categorize games as first-person-shooters or action-adventures or RPGs.

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