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  1. I just beat sugarcore. That was hands down one of the most inventive, addictive, and just plain AWESOME flash games I’ve ever seen!

  2. Hello Gregory, today is October 10th and I’m participating in the worldwide event called ‘Inktober’, I don’t know if you have heard of it. Regardless, the prompt word of today resulted in a drawing (I’m not a very skilled artist, I got started very recently and pretty much can’t draw very well) inspired by your fascinating “(I Fell in Love with) The Majesty of Colors”, which I have loved! I’ve posted the drawing on my IG, I’ve tried to credit you the best I could. If you would like to see it I left the URL as ‘Website’ for this comment. Please, if you do, let me know if credits are ok. Keep up the good work, and I wish you the best things for your life!


  3. Hello, I used to play Beneath the Waves when I was younger and lately, I’ve started to miss playing it. Will there be a way to play it again in the future?

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