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The Ending of Prince of Persia 2008

I beat Prince of Persia 2008 last night, and I’m still thinking about it. This is a very well-crafted game. Although many folks derided it for being too easy, it’s actually not. The game is very challenging in places; it’s just not punishing. I found myself struggling at certain points, especially boss battles, and there was a genuine sense of accomplishment when I succeeded… without any frustration from having to endure cheap deaths or repeat long sections of the game. Additionally, this game has the best implementation of quick time events that I’ve seen. It’s always clear when you should expect one, and the button you need to press is either obvious from context or random for effect. The only annoyance I had with the system was when I came back to the game after a break and forgot what the “block” symbol meant, especially when it is so similar to the “grab” symbol.

But the most interesting thing for me about the game at the moment is the ending. There will be spoilers. Continue reading The Ending of Prince of Persia 2008

Always Down for that CO-OP Action

This post is long overdue. At the beginning of the year, The 1UP Show was cancelled, which killed the best traditional games journalism work on the net. Shortly thereafter, several of the people who made The 1UP Show great, including my personal favorites Ryan O’Donnell and Jay Frechette, started a show called CO-OP.

It’s basically The 1UP Show, but in an apartment instead of a cube farm, and it’s complete with a catchy opening theme and charmingly tongue-in-cheek episode plotlines like “some team members are suspected of having nerd flu” or “let’s try out local restaurants.” CO-OP discusses the games they want to discuss, honestly, enthusiastically, and without any number ratings. If you want to know about interesting new games or decide whether to buy something, this is what you should look at. My only criticism is that they do not review every title that comes out ever.

Check out CO-OP and throw a little money their way with the Paypal link on their page. Their homegrown ads probably pay the bills, but they deserve all the help they can get.

Words (Active Sketch 03) by axcho

axcho pointed me to a game prototype of his that’s in the vein of my Silent Conversation. It’s called “Active Sketch 03: Words.” It uses text as an environment, but has a different game mechanic than Conversation. It’s very interesting, and definitely more “gamey” than my game. It’s easier to focus on earning points and increasing multipliers, and it gives the player more control over the speed in which the level is traversed.
Continue reading Words (Active Sketch 03) by axcho

The Mold Fairy Released

Well, that didn’t take long. My August game, The Mold Fairy, is released. It’s a game about mold, magic, and death.

Once upon a time, there was a fairy for everything. One for frost, one for cobwebs, one for dew… and one for mold. When the fairy queen Titania decided that humans had lost their respect for mold, the mold fairy was sent down to teach them the power of the fuzzy fungi. Did the fairy brighten the humans’ lives, or curse them with poisons and spoiled food? Only you can decide.

Play The Mold Fairy on Armor Games.

This is a game in the vein of “Majesty of Colors” and How to Raise a Dragon; there are choices, and they affect outcomes. In this case, the choices are what to mold, and the outcomes run the gambit. This is my most explicit use of the “achievement” concept so far; I think it works for this sort of game.

Let me know what you think of The Mold Fairy!

Paladin 0 Released

My September game, “Paladin 0,” is released. It is a three-day prototype about virtue.


Play “Paladin 0” on Ludus Novus.

Astute readers will notice that there appears to be a monthly game missing. My August game, The Mold Fairy, is finally complete and should come out very soon. Hey, I’m willing to bend the rules of my New Year’s resolution if you are.

“Paladin 0” is, in part, an experiment using the Flixel framework, which is a library designed to help with making pixelly games in Flash. It is very slick, as you can see from the amount I was able to achieve in just three days of work. If all goes according to plan, my October game will be a procedurally-generated Metroidvania done with Flixel.

If you like the music in the game, it’s available through Creative Commons and is part of Ozzed‘s album Lesser Than Three.