Rosette (LORE and Belief)

LORE is the Lightweight Omnipotent Roleplaying System by Gregory Weir, designed to be a quick and easy to use generic system that doesn’t get in the way of roleplaying.

LORE Downloads:

  • LORE (5549 downloads )  – A bookmarked PDF of the base rulebook, containing basic rules, character creation rules, combat mechanics, and specific rules for games in a modern setting.
  • LORE Character Sheet (4083 downloads ) – A PDF of the LORE character sheet, suitable for printing blank or filling out as a PDF form.

Belief is the first sourcebook for LORE, presenting a setting in which some people have the ability to affect reality with their minds. This world is not as it should be.

Belief Downloads:

  • Belief (3452 downloads ) – A bookmarked PDF of the Belief sourcebook, containing setting information, rules for Belief, and additional character creation options.

Both LORE and Belief are beta releases: they have been playtested, but may contain proofreading errors, bugs, or game balance issues. They are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

11 thoughts on “Rosette (LORE and Belief)

  1. While trying to download it says that its an invalid PDF for the character sheet, and error loading document for Belief.

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