The Majesty of Colors Released!

The Majesty of Colors

I just released my latest game, “I Fell in Love With the Majesty of Colors.” It’s a pixel-horror game that puts the player behind the tentacles of a titanic, writhing sea creature. “Majesty” is a tale of love, loss, and balloons with five different endings.

I’d like to thank the folks at for their excellent site, and Greg at Kongregate for his interest in my game and his company’s sponsorship. I’d also like to thank the other sponsors that showed their interest in my game. I owe much to my testers, Lissa, Guy, and Xenia, and to the excellent content creators at Finally, I appreciate the feedback and support from the denizens of the TIGSource forums..

Play “The Majesty of Colors” here. I’ll be putting up a version on Ludus Novus after the good folks at Kongregate have had a week of exclusive hosting of the game.

39 thoughts on “The Majesty of Colors Released!

  1. This is no game – it is a beautiful piece of poetry. I found it spectacular and refreshing, intriguing in so many ways. The sounds fit perfectly, and the pixelated graphics gave a soft tone with emphasis on the writing. Thank you for this work of art.

  2. Very nice! I liked that this had a good deal of thought put into the story and writing, too many flash games just don’t have that.

  3. I enjoyed drowning the people, except for the kid. But we do what we must to get all the endings. Good job, Greg.

  4. That was beautiful. Thank you. I now know that it is definitely possible for games to be works of art.

  5. I love the tentacle idea!

    Though I think the text is a bit distracting.

    I love this game you made and the fact that it was born out of a dream. There should be a lot more “oniric games” out there.

  6. Thanks for all the positive feedback, folks! Daniel, I’m especially pleased by yours, since your games helped inspire the graphical style of “Majesty.”

  7. Next time I hear someone tell me that video games aren’t art, I know what my first counterwarrant will be. Fantastic work. For a “non-game game” to get good reviews, never mind badges and a challenge on Kongregate requires that it be pretty damn good.

    Minor suggestion: it would be kind of cool if you could grab the banner plane by the banner and drag it underwater to destroy it. Also, a lot of people seem puzzled as to how to start the game and just stare at the black and white balloons for a while. Maybe adding a little hint about that at the beginning would keep some of the more impatient users from complaining.

    Great work, and excellent proof that games can be more than interactive action movies.

    1. its an uber great game and i figured out C

      you have to kill the first human then let your self die
      when the others attack in the first boat.

  8. Really lovely game. The opening is just beautiful.

    Things I tried to do:
    * Grab the seagulls
    * Offer people balloons
    * Throw the sharks
    * Steal the umbrella
    * Push the hands around on the clock? Okay, maybe that’s a little much . . . I just like the idea of a mischievous protagonist, since my first urge was to play him in the spirit of the opening, whimsical rather than violent.

  9. wonderful, wonderful game. i wish i could play more!

    i also love cat’s idea of pushing around the hands on the clock and stealing the umbrella.

  10. I also tried to do all of the things Cat mentioned, as well as:
    * Keep the balloons on the screen until the end
    * Put/throw people/objects (mines, boats) on the beach or at the clock
    * Help the fishermen but then drown one as they are leaving (this left the boat on the screen for the remainder of the game, but not in a way that could be interacted with — for instance with the torpedoes)
    * Commit suicide (by grabbing a mine and hitting myself in the eye) — this yielded the “destroyed my mines” ending, but since the intent was different, I expected something else

    This list seems long, but that’s because the game is so rich as it is. Thank you very much. It’s beautiful.

  11. You sir are a genius. I was thrilled as were all of my roomates clicking away in various dark corners. To unlock all 5 of your delicious endings!

  12. Really a brilliant game!
    But it would be nice if you can tell us how to get all endings.

    1. gregory this is one of the best games ive ever played i have one question though how do you make a flash game because ive been wanting to 4 a long time plz reply

  13. All I can really say is Thank You.

    Thank You for reminding me that digital media is still a beautiful medium for art and other creative expression, I hope you make more games like this, it was absolutely breathtaking as a whole. I love the way you ARE the game in a sense, acting on your own moral fiber and experimentation akin to other great “choose your path” games such as Black and White, and Deus Ex.

    Again, Thank You, and keep up the good work!

    [P.S. This brightened up my afternoon! :3 ]

  14. Cool game. Too bad the English is too difficult for my students (I teach English in universities in Tokyo)

    If you made a version with easier English I would have my students play it for homework!

  15. What peeked Kongregates interest pre-launch? Did you do a pre-release showing or something?

  16. it was great and also art it was magnifecent i dident think there were games that could be so “innocent”

  17. Unique, poetic and refreshing!

    Reproduce a small bug by:
    1. Leave the surfer(the first man) alive
    2. Help the fisherman, but once they started going right(to leave), grab one of them up and leave him swimming on the surface of the sea. You should see the plane with the heart flag.
    3.Drown the fisherman roughly the same time(you have to time it right) as the helicopter saves the kid. You’ll acknowledge the fishman’s death, and you should see another plane with the skull flag as the screen fadeout to black. The ending is counted as B.

  18. Here is how to get all the endings for those who have given up hope:
    A: Lift first guy(do not drown), put fish in boat, keep sharks away from kid.
    B: Same as A, but let sharks eat the kid.
    C: Kill first guy, then let the green boat kill you.
    D: Same as C, but kill green boat then get killed by submarine.
    E: Kill everyone.

  19. Really good game, but I had trouble getting C the first time.
    Also, the post text and story of how the game starts are kind of vague.
    I’d like to know more about those. I hope my ending guides are useful.
    Thanks for a great game, Greg!

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