TIGSource Commonplace Book Competition

The TIGSource Commonplace Book Competition is in voting right now. It’s a competition where developers are asked to make games out of entries in H.P. Lovecraft’s scrapbook. I’ve gotten around to playing the games, and here’s a few I found interesting. If I didn’t mention a game, that doesn’t mean it’s not good; these are just the ones that jumped out at me.

  • Reddenhurst” – This is pixelpunk. A tech demo of the most pretty roguelike I’ve seen: creepy, moodily-lit, and still only using ASCII characters.
  • Senkwanan” – Unfinished, but with some really creepy ambience.
  • Tower of Shoth” – Unfinished. Cool 2.5D tower platformer with a definite flavor of Mighty Jill Off.
  • Dark Matter Planet” – Fun platforming mechanic where the entire world is invisible and the player must toss pebbles to navigate.
  • Eversion” – The corruption of a cheerful platform universe, or a jump-and-bump protagonist messing with forces he does not understand? Plays some fun tricks with the platforming format.
  • Lost in Eldritch” – An effectively atmospheric platforming game with an interesting momentum-based control scheme that reminds me of the Another World series of games.
  • Untitled gameCactus is weird. He made a game with quite impressive graphics that plays like a violent version of Yume Nikki or “robotfindskitten.”
  • The Lake” – Creepy and concise.