New Theme for 2009

If you’re seeing this post at, you may have noticed that I’ve changed the page’s theme. With the new year, I felt it was a time for a change. The theme I used before was Barthelme, by Scott Wallick. It served me well, but there were a few things that I wanted different; there was a bit too much white space, and it didn’t feel like it reflected me. Well, this is an entirely custom theme, unique for Ludus Novus, and lovingly hand-coded in PHP and CSS by yours truly. Here’s a list of the new features that you might care about.

  • Left-aligned main content. I prefer the important text to be on the left, so that it comes first in the natural reading of the page.
  • Two-column sidebar. Less scrolling to find what you want.
  • Tag cloud in the sidebar! You can get a good idea for what topics I like to talk about. For example, I’m rather distressingly obsessed with player agency.
  • By popular request: threaded comments. You can now respond to a specific comment by clicking the “reply” link beside the comment.
  • Wavatars and Gravatars. Each commenter now has a unique image based on their e-mail address that should be the same across all blogs using Shamus Young‘s Wavatar plugin. If you don’t like the goofy cartoon face, you can always create a Gravatar, and it should be used instead.
  • A list in the sidebar of the games I’m actively playing. Hooray for trivial minutiae!

Let me know if you run into any issues with the new layout, such as anything out-of-place. I’d also request that you reserve experimentation with the new features for this post, to keep the other posts tidy.

8 thoughts on “New Theme for 2009

  1. i am posting just to see my little cartoon head.

    and to observe that my name is one of the bigger of your blog’s tags.

  2. maybe i will in protest of my dumb cartoon head

    these were really just engineered as a way to convince people to sign up for those globally recognized avatar things, weren’t they

    1. The idea is to make it easier to follow conversations. I may switch over to a different system, though. I’ll need some time to decide how I feel about the silly cartoon heads.

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