Two Interviews

I’ve returned from the Flash Gaming Summit in San Francisco. I’ll be blogging about it sometime in the next few days, but right now I want to highlight two sites that were cool enough to ask to interview me.

Whose Fault is That bills itself as having “interviews with wonderful people,” and they really do. Joe Bernardi and David Cole have interviewed interesting people, from cartoonists to photographers to musicians. They seem to think I’m wonderful, too, and put up an interview where I talk about Knytt and learn that my too-seldom-updated podcast has a stream-of-consciousness feel.

Good Game Get! is a blog that talks about video games in a pleasantly NGJ way. In this interview, I discuss upcoming games and my unhealthy month-long obsession with the Stargate franchise.

5 thoughts on “Two Interviews

  1. The WFIT interview jogged my memory about The Absolute Sum of All Evil from the Thorn (since you mentioned it specifically.) Does there happen to be an archive of the strips that is accessible so I can remember the time before Rose got taken over by Cthulhu?

    And Majesty should (if everything is right) put you as the favorite for the next Young Alumni Awards.

    1. There isn’t currently an archive online, no. All of the old comics have far too high a filesize to put online, and some of them I only have in hardcopy. One of these days, I need to go through, scan or downsample them, and put them up. I’ve got an idea for a TASOAE adventure game bouncing around in my head; that would be a good excuse to make the effort to get them in a public form.

      1. I was able to find the last comic on an old Thorn archive page, but that’s it. The Thorn (and the Flipside) have really been worse once you left the editorial position.

        Would the TASOAE adventure game feature the same cast of characters or just keep the whole “cthulhu takes over an American university” feel?

        1. My current idea, which is very preliminary, would be to keep the same characters and distill one or more of the plotlines into a form that would work in a game. I’d probably set it at Rose-Hulman and have some in-jokes, but keep it accessible to folks who haven’t heard of the school.

          1. Speaking of Rose, it seems that Exploit is insanely popular in the CS lab, even though nobody actually realizes that it’s one of your games.

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