Ludus Novus 018: Sequelitis

Ludus Novus
Ludus Novus
Ludus Novus 018: Sequelitis

This podcast episode is about three games that should have been named Half-Life 3: Episode 1, Unreal Tournament 4, and Star Wars Dark Forces 3: Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast: Jedi Academy.

4 thoughts on “Ludus Novus 018: Sequelitis

  1. A good example of naming for marketing reasons: Far Cry 2. Different developer and a plot so unrelated from the original that it is beyond ridiculous, but it’s still Far Cry because the original was popular and its name is familiar.

  2. Great podcast! You were discussing how Valve names games and how they had an oversight, and coincidentally I think Left 4 Dead is a bad name because of the the numeric “for”. The number for me at least could actually allude to Left For Dead: 4

    It’s confusing that Valve chose to use 4 instead of for.

    1. The “4” in Left 4 Dead refers to the four main characters, and how it really requires four players for a good playthrough.

      But, yes. Confusing. I didn’t even bother mentioning Eidos’s upcoming The4f.

  3. The Dark Forces/Jedi Knight thing has been one of my favourite examples of silliness for ages. It’s simply hilarious.

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