Exploit on Platogo

For those of you who have played my game Exploit and wanted a better way to create and share levels, you’re in luck! The flash game site Platogo has just launched, and Exploit is one of its initial games! Platogo’s got a neat developer API that allows, among other things, level creation and sharing. You can make levels, rate them for quality and difficulty, comment on them, and generally do all sorts of social stuff. There’s even a leaderboard for each user level ranking how fast you complete it, and a global leaderboard for how many user levels you’ve finished.

Play Exploit on Platogo to check out these new features.

(My August game is delayed. I’m still working on it.)

2 thoughts on “Exploit on Platogo

  1. I hadn’t heard of Exploit before this post, I just played through the story mode and I like it a lot! It reminds me a little bit of Uplink in terms of aesthetics, which is always a good thing.

    When was it originally released?

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