Always Down for that CO-OP Action

This post is long overdue. At the beginning of the year, The 1UP Show was cancelled, which killed the best traditional games journalism work on the net. Shortly thereafter, several of the people who made The 1UP Show great, including my personal favorites Ryan O’Donnell and Jay Frechette, started a show called CO-OP.

It’s basically The 1UP Show, but in an apartment instead of a cube farm, and it’s complete with a catchy opening theme and charmingly tongue-in-cheek episode plotlines like “some team members are suspected of having nerd flu” or “let’s try out local restaurants.” CO-OP discusses the games they want to discuss, honestly, enthusiastically, and without any number ratings. If you want to know about interesting new games or decide whether to buy something, this is what you should look at. My only criticism is that they do not review every title that comes out ever.

Check out CO-OP and throw a little money their way with the Paypal link on their page. Their homegrown ads probably pay the bills, but they deserve all the help they can get.

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