Indie Game Documentary

Spinach is making a documentary about indie video game developers.

At that link above, you can see footage of an interview he did with me, Anna Anthropy, Daphny, and Amon26. Spinach is a cool guy and he’s trying to get some exposure for a bunch of folks who I’m really interested in learning more about. He needs your help to do it, so go and pledge to donate on his Kickstarter page.

6 thoughts on “Indie Game Documentary

  1. I’d love to help out! It’s a shame kickstarter doesn’t allow people from outside the US to donate. :(

  2. @Terry – I’m from Ireland too, and I was able to donate. Unless it’s a stipulation I didn’t read. :/

    I hope he makes it, but I can’t help wonder if his goal is too ambitious…

    And don’t bloody mention Cave Story! >:(

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