Two Interviews

I’ve spoken with a few people lately, and two of the interviews have gone live. First, there’s my talk with the Armchair Gamer Podcast. We chatted about games each of us is playing, and then the hosts asked me an array of questions. I even talk more about some upcoming projects than I believe I have before. You can listen to the episode on its page.

I also spoke with Games For Change about my recent title “Passing the Ball.” They asked some interesting questions about mood and interactive storytelling. You can read the interview on their blog. I understand they’ll be posting a part 2 soon with an interview with some of the GDC Online folks who commissioned the game!

3 thoughts on “Two Interviews

  1. I’d love to read/listen to these, but I no can haz proper internet until two weeks from now. Looking forward to it, though.

  2. It is often too difficult to understand the interviewer. All in all, lots of good discussion.

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