Ossuary Released

My latest game, Ossuary, is now available. It’s a game about order, virtue, and kicking bone spiders.

The last thing you remember is receiving an unsatisfying answer. A plunge through the fundamental chaos takes you to a place of bones. Great power can be found within the Ossuary, but those who are not lying to themselves are lying to you.

Buy Ossuary, DRM-free, at Future Proof Games.

This is the first game I’ve released for sale, and I’m really anxious about it! I hope it disturbs and enlightens you.

18 thoughts on “Ossuary Released

  1. Will it work under Linux? Or will there be a demo, so that I can check it works under Wine?

    Thanks, this looks intriguing.

    1. Ossuary uses Adobe Air, which winehq says should work under Wine. I can’t make any full guarantees, but I’ve gotten a report from a friend that Ossuary seems to work fine under Wine (stock Wine on Ubuntu 13.10). So: no official Linux support, but your chances seem good.

      I’ve thought about a demo; it’s not a very demo-able game, but I might be able to put something together. That won’t be for a while, though.

  2. This is an interesting game. I’m having a couple difficulties:

    – I can’t seem to deal with the demons. I can corner them somewhere, but then pressing X doesn’t do anything…

    – I can’t get to the 99th obol because I don’t know how to light the torches

    – I can’t find the 100th obol (I might have plainly missed it, but I looked everywhere)

    (perhaps all those items are pratical jokes?)

    1. All of these things can be achieved.

      • The demons can’t be touched when they have a barrier around them. Each one has different behavior.
      • The torches can be lit. It requires you to figure out secrets about the Ossuary and its history. The required people may not be glowing.
      • There should be 100 obols in total. One may be beneath a cabbage.
      1. Thanks, got them!
        I had to find the solution for the right-hand torch in the design notebook, though. Was there any clue in the game to help me find the path?

        (my save slot shows 99%, I wonder if there’s something left)

        1. Each torch has its solution in the game itself; the design notebook isn’t needed.

          If you’ve got 99% and it looks like you’ve done everything, my guess is that you have not recovered whatever sin you’ve given to the museum. It could also be a bug.

  3. Since I’ve been spamming the comments with questions (sorry!), I may point out that I find Ossuary great. The atmosphere, dialogues, and the intellectuality really hooked me. Surprises at every corner, and an interesting journey through absurdity and lies.

    The one slightly bothersome point was the anatomic riddles. The logical answers I could think of didn’t work out, so I ended up doing an exhaustive search. Even when faced with the solution, it didn’t sound very obvious (hm, a palmtree?).

    I’ll definitely be looking forward to your next games :)

    1. Thanks for the great feedback! :D Concerning the anatomic riddles, I had concerns about cultural unfamiliarity; if you don’t mind my asking, are you from the US? I can imagine that folks from other places would have more trouble with wordplay-based puzzles written by an American.

      1. American here. I was perplexed at the palmtree pun myself. All the other body part riddles were fine, I thought.

        1. Interesting! Thanks for the data point. I’m thinking that surprising the player with figure-of-speech riddles in a game otherwise devoid of them was an odd choice. :D

  4. I don’t have anything constructive or even interesting to say, but I just wanted to express how much I love your games Greg – and Ossuary is no exception. It seems to be going criminally unnoticed at the moment and that bums me out. I’d really love to see more work from you soon.

  5. I’m having great difficulty with every demon except the Academy demon, and am unable to figure how to light the torches or unravel the secret of the labyrinth in the Museum. Otherwise I’ve completed everything in front of me. Any pointers to get me unstuck?

    1. Specifically, any pointers on how to get the Five-Sided Temple demon to drop its barrier? I’ve managed to deal with the other three now. I have also found a ‘key’ to the Museum labyrinth, but am uncertain what word I should be creating using this key.

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