Audacious Compassion Podcast

My partner Melissa and I have started a new project: a monthly podcast called Audacious Compassion about how to demonstrate empathy in difficult everyday situations. The first episode, “Go Buy a Caddy,” is up and you can subscribe via RSS or iTunes. You can even rate us five stars on iTunes if you like!

“Audacious compassion” is a concept we’ve made a primary value of our company Future Proof Games. We’re huge believers in the ethical power of understanding others’ viewpoints and motivations, especially in situations where the other person is very different or is doing something that seems (or is!) malicious. We’re focusing on everyday struggles with the podcast—the first episode is on longstanding minor annoyances, domestic and otherwise—but just because they’re mundane doesn’t mean the feelings and problems surrounding them aren’t difficult or powerful.

If you’ve got an issue you want us to discuss on the show, write

For those of you eager for more episodes of Ludus Novus, I have some I would like to do, but they take more planning and investment of energy and emotion than Audacious Compassion. I don’t feel able to commit to a schedule on them, but I hope to release more soon.