“The Majesty of Colors” Remastered

Majesty Greenlight PromoBig news! As part of Future Proof Games, I’m remastering my classic Flash art game “The Majesty of Colors” for modern technologies. Instead of Flash, the game will be available natively for Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS, and Android. We’re polishing some rough edges but otherwise staying true to the original.

This feels very odd! “(I Fell in Love With) The Majesty of Colors” is one of the first games I made that got any attention and remains one of my most-recognized games. It can be a bit frustrating sometimes that a game I made almost eight years ago is more familiar to folks than my recent work, but the truth is that “Majesty” is one of my favorite projects I’ve worked on, along with Looming, Ossuary, and Exploit: Zero Day. Out of all my games that are becoming inaccessible due to the fading of Adobe Flash, “Majesty” is the one I most want to preserve.

I’m hoping that there’s an audience for weird little art games in the modern gaming world, especially on Steam. If you think there is, please vote for us on Steam Greenlight.

Otherwise, you can see the trailer and get more information on the official website of “The Majesty of Colors”.

Let me know if you have any questions!

One thought on ““The Majesty of Colors” Remastered

  1. You’re mythic!
    I enjoyed the game. The programmer or simply the nerd in me, just discovered a way to trigger a contraddiction in the game program, but that’s just me.
    When I help the two fishers, the pile of six fish is considered enough. Of course I can also kill one or both fishers and have instead war declared, ok that’s foreseen and expected, along with the fact that both fishers must be aboard to trigger completion, on top of the heap of fish.
    Yet, surprise I can still interact with the fishers while their boat is going off screen and they are satisfied. I throw either or both in the sea and the boat stop going. The next sequence starts in contemporary, at that point I found out I could both save the little girl/boy and kill one of the fishers. Depending on how early or late I do it I can still trigger the good ending. If I do it too early, the child doesn’t even appear and I only trigger the war scenario with the plane carrying the skull on the banner.
    If I do it a bit later when the first shark appears, the helicopter and the second shark won’t and I’ll trigger war.
    I plan having both the helicopter, the trying to save the girl and the first war scenario with the boat throwing mines, is it possible?
    I think that if this was the case, saving the girl would still trigger that end, though, is it right?
    I love how the game code handle seemingly incompatible scenarios and your game “fails” quite gracefully, while sealing up the branches by either having
    1. the fishers becoming non interactive and 2. the fisher boat sailing a bit faster, but no next sequence (introduced by the plane carrying the love heart banner) until the the boat is offscreen 3. The fisher boat simply fading away after some seconds, like the fish does –
    would have made it maybe less lively and duller.

    Where is the remastered version? Is it still in progress? It sounds great. I’ll play your other games, thanks for reminding them.

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