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Necropolis Fix and Unit Testing

The attention that “The Majesty of Colors” received has caused a small increase in the plays of my previous game, Necropolis. As a result, I got a bug report from a Kongregate user on Necropolis that let me track down a bug that had eluded me for months. I feel dumb for causing the bug in the first place, and it’s a perfect example of where unit testing is very useful.

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Necropolis Updated

I’ve updated Necropolis with some tweaks and bug fixes.


  • The player character now starts with 4 health instead of 3. (suggested by guyblade)
  • Text readability enhanced in some situations. (suggested by Andrew)
  • Disable skill made more useful. (suggested by several folks)
  • Small chest contents probabilities adjusted.
  • Minor stability improvements
  • The Bracer is now properly marked as not plural.
  • Fixed crash when equipment was generated with a suffix but no prefix. (reported by Andrew)


A screenshot from Necropolis

I’ve decided to try my hand at Flash game development. It’s always been a dream of mine to make a living at creating games, and Flash games seem to be a viable way for individual, independent developers to earn a living.

My first game has just been released, thanks in part to a sponsorship from MiniJuegos.com. It’s a truly global market when a Spanish-language games site headquartered in Spain can fund an English-language game from one guy in North Carolina.

Necropolis is a game about Ms. Lilian Trevithick, lady adventurer and radical steam technician, who has come to the infamous Necropolis of Ao in search of adventure. She descends through 25 procedurally-generated levels of traps and treasure to achieve her goal.

Please give me any comments, compliments, or criticisms that come to mind playing the game! This is the first game I’ve released in years, so I’m both very nervous and very excited.

Play Necropolis now.