I Fell in Love With the Physics of Crayons

I’ve been playing Crayon Physics Deluxe, Petri Purho‘s fully realized version of his startlingly fun 7-day prototype, “Crayon Physics.” The game lets you draw any shape, which then reacts with appropriate physics to help get a ball to a goal. It’s fun and creative, and it comes with a fully-featured level editor. Now, I’ve had something on my mind recently, so when I tried out the editor, I made a scribbly crayon version of “The Majesty of Colors.”

If you’ve got the game — a value at $20 — then right-click and save-link-as the image at the top of this article. That’s right; the game also stores its levels in steganographied image files, Spore-style. Check out the game, then check out my level by opening the level editor, loading the image file above, and hitting “play.”