Update on Majesty of Colors

Just a collection of some news items about “The Majesty of Colors“:

  • Newgrounds selected “Majesty” as one of the best games of December 2008.
  • AngryNintendoNerd on Newgrounds posted a really complimentary piece on the game.
  • “Majesty” has been nominated for the 2008 Tank Awards on Newgrounds.
  • “Majesty” has been nominated for The 2009 Mochis in the category of Most Creative Game (up against Auditorium and “Coil” O_O).
  • GEE, a print gaming magazine out of Germany, did a blurb on “Majesty” in their Februar/März 2009 issue and sent me a copy of the issue:
  • Mr. Million did a hilarious piece of fan art for the game:
    majesty of colours
  • Finally, I was linked in passing by the hilarious and irreverent Penny Arcade.

I continue to be amazed and overjoyed at all the positive responses to the game. I’m approaching a million views of the game, which in Flash terms is successful but not all that remarkable. I’m glad that my little tentacle game had an effect on people.

6 thoughts on “Update on Majesty of Colors

  1. Hey Greg,
    As you mentioned above, you are indeed a Mochis finalist. Congratulations! I work at Mochi Media and we would love for you to come to the awards ceremony and Flash Gaming Summit. Please shoot me an email if you are interested.

  2. Success!

    *One week later*
    Oh, so sad. He plateau’d too soon, and was never able to recapture it again…

    Oh wait. Exploit. Strike that last statement.

  3. No offense, but the fan art’s way better than the art in the game. You should re-make it with that quality of graphics,

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