Preview of Exploit

I finished my February game a while ago, and I’ve finished the sponsorship process. The game’s called Exploit, but it doesn’t look like it’ll quite be released by the end of February. However, I’ve prepared a video that shows the finished version of the game:

Exploit is a game about totalitarianism, computer security, and terrorism. Players will solve puzzles to progress through the storyline, or create their own puzzles and trade them in comments or on forums. The game features a very cool soundtrack, which you can hear some of in the video, written by Evan Merz.

Edit: By request, here’s the technical info on the preview. The video was taken with the free CamStudio, and the audio was a high-quality mp3. I edited it in Windows Movie Maker (don’t judge).

7 thoughts on “Preview of Exploit

  1. I do so love seeing my name pop up in credits for things. This preview video is hot. You should do this more often. Post (for my/others’ convenience) how you made it.

  2. So, does this delay spell the end of your ‘release one game a month’ challenge, or are you going to reword it to ‘complete one game a month’?

    Sorry if that sounded snarky. I would, of course, prefer the latter.

    1. I’m going to keep going; Exploit will be my February game, and I’ll be releasing one in March as well. It really will be only a few days until Exploit is released.

  3. Hey, this looks pretty good. A third party told me that you’re not too much of a c**t with timing-related levels, which was my only concern upon seeing the video.

    I look forward to playing it.

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