Ludus Novus 016: False Narrativism: Oszustwo

Ludus Novus
Ludus Novus
Ludus Novus 016: False Narrativism: Oszustwo

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This week’s episode is a special False Narrativism piece, discussing the obscure but visionary Polish game Oszustwo, or Incongruity. I can easily envision a world in which this game never existed, but fortunately we have access to the most technologically-advanced, creepiest, and hardest-to-play game ever developed.

14 thoughts on “Ludus Novus 016: False Narrativism: Oszustwo

  1. Wow, my googling shows nothing about this game. Do you have a link to an official site or something?

    1. Ah I see. Sly payback for the folks who called April Fools on the Bryant Collection?

  2. “Both games featured the same lead designer”, eh? Heh.

    Very enjoyable to listen to, as ever. Glad to see you’re back making podcasts.

  3. I don’t see any links to get to the Walk Away site just a link to any podcast. Anyone have another link to a site or maybe a YouTube video. Google searches are finding nothing.


  4. Witam,

    po pierwsze gratuluje bloga, podkastow a w szczególności zrealizowanych gier. The Majesty of Colors urzekła mnie swa prostota i atmosfera w dobrym stylu Lovecrafta.

    Jednoczesnie gratuluje poligonu doswiadzczalnego w testowaniu pomysłów. Tak jak Walking Away prawdopodobnie jest sprytnym Oszustwem tak i tym razem pomysł na gre wydaje sie byc bardzo trafiony. Oczywiście mogę sie mylic, ale pierwszy raz o tym pomyslalem sluchajac wlaśnie odcinka o False Narrativism. Gra wydawała się zbyt złożona jak na tamte czasy.


    If you care, I can do the translation.

    1. Jakub,

      Could you translate? I know a Babelfish translation probably can’t do it proper justice.

      1. From now on I’ll try to write in English.

        But first the translation:


        for first, my congratulations on your blog, podcast and written games. The Majesty of Colors – I felt in love with it’s simplicity and Lovecraft style.

        At the same time take my congratulations on the test site for your game ideas. Probably as well as Oszustwo (“oszustwo” in polish means: “deception”) Walk Away i clever OSZUSTWO although the idea of the game is brilliant. Of course I can be wrong, but first time I thought about it was while listening first podcast about False Narrativism. Game seemed to complicated as for the times.


        About the game “Oszustwo” – I’ve tried very hard to find something on it but nothing came up. I’ve tried searching in polish and English. I’v tried hard because I work on Academy of Fine Arts and deal with concept of interaction in art and now pushing it more forward art/game/interaction concept. The idea shown in podcast made me thinking, and searching for people who did that game to see who did that and read more about the idea behind it…

        also I don’t know, hymm… but authors translation was not really straight:
        Incongruity is something like bug, wen something doesn’t fit. Oszutwo is simply a lie or deception. I fits in title for this podcast.

        At the end I want to thank Gregory Weir for all podcast. I tend to send of students to your site and make them listen to your podcast. I also hope to discuss topics here more often.

        Oh, and I’m sorry for all spelling errors and other mistakes…

  5. Wow, fantastic podcast, and I enjoying the realization :) I was delighted to hear you podcasting again, I hope you continue. :)

  6. :( I’m so disappointed to learn that this doesn’t exist! Exciting ideas nonetheless…

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