3 thoughts on “Phenomenon 32

  1. What would you say your favorite exploration platformers are? It’s hard to find the gems in the sea of mediocrity.

    1. Hey, Chase! Long time no see. As far as commercial games go, Super Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night are the classics. Most of the post-SotN 2D Castlevanias are good. For indie games, Knytt is my all-time favorite, with its sequel, Knytt Stories (which has a productive fan editing community). Cave Story is famous and remarkable, and has a fancy edition currently in development for WiiWare. Aquaria‘s great, although it’s not strictly a platformer; it’s more like Ecco the Dolphin in perspective. An Untitled Story is good, but very challenging. And Spelunky is amazing, although it’s only tangentially related to the exploration platformer; it’s more of a platforming roguelike.

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