Over 150 Games Finished

I just noticed that I’ve got over 150 games on my list of “Games I’ve Finished.” The list isn’t exactly precise. Sometimes I add smaller games (e.g. “All Roads Lead From Home“) but usually I only add games I’ve paid for or games that are big enough to feel like an accomplishment (e.g. Iji). I’ve surely also forgotten a bunch of games from the list.

I also have “Games I’ve Played” (but not finished) and “Games I Probably Won’t Finish” on that page. Looking at them tells a lot about my game preferences. For example, I’m reluctant to stick with very hard or very long games, especially if they’re older console titles (Super Mario Bros.). And I generally don’t care for “real-time strategy” games. I don’t like having to plan and out-think an opponent while also managing low-level real-time play. I’m lousy enough at strategizing as it is; I don’t need added distractions.

This list also feels very short. It seems like there should be many, many more games on it. I’ve certainly left out a lot of games I’ve played emulated (Final Fantasy VI) and many games that I’ve only played demos of (Rocket Jockey, to pick one totally at random). There are a lot of games out there, and I’ve played a lot of them. But still nowhere near a majority.

4 thoughts on “Over 150 Games Finished

  1. Zork Grand Inquisitor and Nemesis are shameless attempts to cash in on Infocom’s legacy and the CD-game boom that came in the wake of Myst. I have never played either all the way through, so they may be decent games in their own right.

    1. Return to Zork was a shameless attempt to cash in on Infocom’s legacy, although it was done with love of the world.

      Zork: Nemesis feels like the Zork world was shoehorned in after the fact; it feels like a rather decent horror adventure game with some things named after Zork stuff.

      Zork: Grand Inquisitor is an excellent Zork game, and a near-perfect reimagining of the world into graphical adventure form.

  2. I somehow like those kind of lists, if only to keep track of what you’re wasting your time with ;).

    Also I spotted The longest journey on your list, however not Dreamfall.
    Ever thought of playing that? I actually finished it without having played The longest journey and I still liked it a lot.

    1. I’ve not played Dreamfall, but I’ve always wanted to! I need to work through the games I have so that I can get to more games on my to-acquire list.

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