A Pistol and a Flashlight Piece

B.A. Campbell has written a very detailed look at some of my games over at Innsmouth Free Press, a micro-publisher that deals in horror and dark fiction. The piece is critical and flattering.

If Babies Dream was, alchemically-speaking, a chunk of carbon, Looming is Weir’s lapis noster. Visually, it is perhaps the simplest of his achievements… Oddly enough, the monotony of the presentation, alongside the soundtrack of howling winds and weird, croaking wildlife, helps to evoke exactly the sense of loneliness and isolation that the name of this realm, “Looming,” suggests. And with no fancy textures to distract the eye, Looming’s colossal broken gears and Apatosaurus-sized rib bones can’t help but arouse a fundamental awe… and fear.

I recommend you check it out.

4 thoughts on “A Pistol and a Flashlight Piece

  1. I for one would like to say Babies dream of dead worlds is one of my favorite games of yours, and I don’t know how comes so much people think it really stinks. The review’s pretty awesome though, congrats on having such a thing written about your work. Must be rewarding.

  2. Babies dream and Looming are two of my favorite pieces, like, ever. you’re onea those artists who does right what Lovecraft and Ligotti’s purple prose can never handle, instilling a sense of the ancient and the menacing and the sorrowfully in -decline without ever overexposing yourself and killing even a shred of your mystery. just played The Day for the first time, and I gotta say it freaked me out even more than some of your more visually flawless (Looming)/enthrallingly weird (Babies) games. the trees, man. I was terrified of the trees. and then the facility, christ. I love your work! you thinking about putting out a commercial game some time? a world that’ll put Binding of Isaac on the top five in Steam might be ready to pay for something sinister from your quarter.

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