Ludus Novus 028: Candyland: Game as Critical Lens

Ludus Novus
Ludus Novus
Ludus Novus 028: Candyland: Game as Critical Lens

What is a “game?” It only matters in context. When we examine things as games to learn from them, what does that mean? Any useful definition of game used as a critical lens must encompass Soccer, Candy Land, Sim City, Doom, and Gone Home. But Candy Land doesn’t have any player choice. Is it just dancing?

I’ve tried something new with this episode. I’ve put together a video version, currently hosted on YouTube, with some nonessential visual aids. For now I intend to keep the show audio-first, but having it available via YouTube may make it more accessible and attract new listeners/viewers. If you’re seeing this on my website, the normal audio player is still below.

I’ve also put together a text transcript for the episode: Transcript for this episode

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The theme music is “A Foolish Game (Vox Harmony Adds)” by Snowflake, Admiral Bob, and Sackjo22, available on ccMixter under a ccby3.0 license.

2 thoughts on “Ludus Novus 028: Candyland: Game as Critical Lens

  1. Always a pleasure to listen to you! I remember when you established the definition you’re working with here, a mere 11 episodes ago (I was…damn, finishing high-school).

    You mentioned the “LeftTube” recently in Audacious Compassion. I’ve been going down that rabbit hole ever since Molleindustria retweeded Shaun’s Doom video. This video podcast approach is very Shaun-like, I think, though it is funny that he got there in the opposite direction, starting out as a youtuber and slowly making his visuals less essential in order to transition into something more podcast-feeling.

    1. Shaun was definitely a reference point when I was thinking about how to make the video useful but optional! I’m glad that it brought him to mind.

      And… yes, my podcasting schedule is irregular, to use a charitable term. :)

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