Paladin 0 Released

My September game, “Paladin 0,” is released. It is a three-day prototype about virtue.


Play “Paladin 0” on Ludus Novus.

Astute readers will notice that there appears to be a monthly game missing. My August game, The Mold Fairy, is finally complete and should come out very soon. Hey, I’m willing to bend the rules of my New Year’s resolution if you are.

“Paladin 0” is, in part, an experiment using the Flixel framework, which is a library designed to help with making pixelly games in Flash. It is very slick, as you can see from the amount I was able to achieve in just three days of work. If all goes according to plan, my October game will be a procedurally-generated Metroidvania done with Flixel.

If you like the music in the game, it’s available through Creative Commons and is part of Ozzed‘s album Lesser Than Three.

6 thoughts on “Paladin 0 Released

  1. Nice short. I hope you can turn this into a full game sometime. The dialogue would be great, as I can imagine you could grab this theme and ham it up nicely with the villains!

  2. I often lose focus on the flash game when I hold down my mouse to charge my weapon and then move my mouse (apparently off the screen). This often happens because I try to distance my ship as far as possible from objects on my screen, so I place my ship near the bottom edge.

    Perhaps in future games, you could provide keyboard alternatives for the fire weapon? Or is there another way to solve the problem of focus?

    1. Focus issues are tough with Flash games. There’s no workaround that I know of. The best solution would, I guess, for me to make the game bigger so that there’s a margin around the play area for the mouse to work in. But it’s a tricky problem to solve.

  3. Problem.

    When you finish and start again, it restarts you at the point after where you beat the ship and goes right into the ending.

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